Furuno Navtex and WeatherFax Antenna FAX-5

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DEVICENavtex, WeatherFax, Antenna


TYPE: FAX-5 Active Antenna


This Unit Furuno Navtex and WeatherFax Antenna FAX-5.

Furuno weather fax systems all require an antenna of appropriate length. The Furuno FAX5 Active Coupler Antenna is one of the antennas that will fulfill this requirement.


  • Active coupler antenna for full range reception
  • Includes a 15 meter cable
  • Frequency Range: 80kHz to 30mHz


  • A21515, A21525, A21815, A21825 Communications Consoles
  • AA50 Watch Receiver
  • DSC60, DSC6A Watch Receivers
  • FAX207, FAX208A, FAX210/AC, FAX210/DC, FAX214/AC, FAX214/DC, FAX30 Weather Facsimile Receiver/Recorders
  • RC1515, RC1525, RC1540, RC1815, RC1825, RC1840 Communications Consoles


FAX5 coupler antenna requirements for weather fax units:

Furuno weather fax systems all require an antenna of appropriate length. This includes either a long wire or backstay type.

Alternately, a FAX5 antenna coupler can be used which will receive both 80kHz 25mHz weather fax and 490 or 518 kHz NAVTEX (if installed) frequencies.

The FAX5 coupler requires a 2.6 meter (~ 8-feet) fiberglass or stainless steel whip antenna for maximum receiving range.

Note: A standard 4-foot antenna is too short for proper operations and will cause poor receive sensitivity.


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