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TYPE: FAX 207 DFAX ( Dual Function Facsmile Receiver / WeatherFax )


The FAX-207 Dual Function Facsimile (DFAX) Receiver provides high resolution charts and satellite images trans-mitted from facsimile stations throughout the world. It can be programmed to receive facsimile broadcasts automat-ically, providing hands-off operation.
The FAX-207 has a wide variety of functions, all con-tained in a rugged plastic case which is small enough to fit on almost any class of vessel. All keys respond immedi-ately to the operator’s command. Each time a keying sequence is correctly executed the unit emits a “beep” to confirm that it has received the operator’s command.

• Noise-free, carbon dust-free thermal printing head.
• High resolution thermal paper provides crisp and clean pictures in four tones. Cloud analysis picture (FM band) presented clearly.
• Programmed with all existing facsimile stations and frequencies. Free memory provides for storage of up to 230 user channels.
• Fully automatic operation by built-in schedule timer. Storage for up to 30 programs provided.
• Fully automatic selection of speed, IOC, phase alignment, and frequency.
• Easy-to-understand menu-driven operation.
• Optional NAV RCV Board provides for reception of NAVTEX messages.
• AM mode available (AM broadcast can be heard.)
• Connectable to personal computer to use FAX-207 as a PC printer. (Optional I/F board required.)


This Furuno FAX-207 WeatherFax is inculeded Fax-5 Preamp whip antenna with RF Coax Cable, Power plug and 1 pc roll paper. We can supply to world wide and we can give service in all Turkey Ports. Keep in touch with us.