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TYPE: M1636


This Part JRC M1636 MAGNETRON FOR RADAR. When your radar echoes and tune bar goest to weakness you have to check your magnetron TX time. If your radar TX Time over 5.000 Hours, you have to change your magnetron with the new one. Your technician can change radar magnetron and carbon brushs easyly. We can supply to world wide and we can give service in all Turkey Ports. Keep in touch with us.

Features Parameters
Frequency 9380 to 9440 MHz (Fixed)
Output power (Peak) 25 kW
Duty cycle / Pulse duration 0.001 / 1.2 μsec
Anode voltage (Peak) 8 kV
Anode current (Peak) 8 A
Heater voltage 6.3 V (@ Preheat)
Heater current 0.52 A
RF output interface Waveguide: WR90
RF flange: UG-135/U Equivalent
Power supply interface Lead wire
Cooling Air / Forced air
Weight 0.7 kg