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This NAVTEX Receiver is JRC NCR-330 We can supply to world wide and we can give service in all Turkey Ports. Keep in touch with us.





a. Receiver
Receiving frequency 518 kHz
Receiving scheme STRAIGHT
Receiving mode F1B
Gain Max. character error ratio: 1% at an antenna input of 1µV
Antenna input Special antenna (NAW-330)
BK 12 VDC or 24 VDC
External alarm interface Open-collector type
Max: 500 mA at 35VDC
Recommended product: CGC-300A
Max. power consumption: 20 mA
Audio output level: 85 dB/m
Receiving format 7-bit error detection code based on the NAVTEX
broadcasting format

b. Printer
Printing scheme Thermosensitive 7 ´ 6 or 7 ´ 5 dot matrix
Total characters/line 35 or 40
Printer paper TF50KS-E3, 80 mm ´ 60 mm across ´ 40 m
Out-of-paper warning Alarm buzzer
Operating panel lamp blinking
Red end-of-paper line marks on printer paper (the red lines
indicate there is one meter or less remaining).

c. Control switches
Power on/off
Coast station selection
Message type selection
Receiver status selection
Alarm buzzer manual turn-off
Receiver status information printing
Brightness control
Self-diagnostic tests
Paper feeding

d. Display/indicator unit
Power-on indicator
Visual alarm on important message receiving
Out-of-paper alarm
Receiving indicator


Input voltage 12 to 24 VDC(Tolerance +30%,-10%)
Power consumption (Standby) at 12 VDC: Approx. 4 W
(Operating) at 12 VDC: Approx. 6 W (max.)
(Standby) at 24 VDC: Approx. 5 W
(Operating) at 24 VDC: Approx. 7 W (max.)


(1) Minimum and maximum temperature range:
Operating: -15 to +55°C
Storage: -25 to +75°C

(2) Relative humidity: Up to 95% at 40°C

(3) Dimensions: 246 mm wide´170 mm high´131.5 mm deep
(with mounting base)

(4) Installation: Wall-mounting, desk-mounting, or ceiling-mounting

(5) Mass: 2.0 kg (with mounting base)



Electrical specifications

Receiving frequency: 518 kHz
Bandwidth: 5 kHz
Gain Min. antenna coupler output: 60 dBmV (at an electric field intensity of 60 dBmV/m)
Power consumption: 6 mA at 9 VDC
Impedance: 50W

Mechanical specifications

Installation Mountable: on a pole up to 9 cm across using the supplied mounting band.
Mass: 0.5 kg