Raytheon 102-885.101 E02 CPU Unit for NP2015 Autopilot System

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ITEM NUMBER:102-885.101 E02


This Raytheon CPU Unit PN 102-885.101 E02 is for NP2015 Operator Unit Raytheon Anschutz Kiel NautoPilot Series. Operator Unit NP2015 / NP2025 ( 102-886 NG001 ), Connection Unit  ( 102-885 NG001 ), AutoPilot Remote Control Panel ( 102-879 NG001 ), Feedback Unit and other spare parts are available in our stocks. We can supply to world wide and we can give service in all Turkey Ports. Keep in touch with us.


Configuration of the CPU PCB
(see Configuration sheet CPU–PCB 68302 102–885.101)
A new set of E–PROMS is only operational after the implementation of a COLD START (as mentioned below)!
COLD START is triggered via DIP SWITCH B8 .
— Power OFF
— Pull out respective PCB
— place DIP SWITCH B8.7 to ON
— push the CPU PCB into the assembly (slot A1) until the lever handle is locked in place.
— switch power 2 seconds to ON than back to OFF
— pull the CPU PCB out of the assembly and place DIP SWITCH B8.7 to OFF.
— push the CPU PCB into the assembly (slot A1).
Power ON again.
On changing the CPU PCB

Raytheon 102-885 CPU-1

Raytheon 102-885 CPU-1