Sailor C4901-4900-DEBEG 6301CU VHF Handset

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TYPE: Sailor C4901, C4900, Debeg 6301CU, Skanti 1000P


This Handset Sailor C4901 , 4900 Debeg 6301CU and Skanti 1000P VHF Handset ( Same Brand: Sailor, Sam, Debeg, Skanti ). This  C4901 and C4900 Remote Controller Handset is using for Sailor RT-4822 VHF DSC Radio. Our stock is refurbished, cause this handset is discontinued. If you need only C4900 or C4901 handset cable, we can offer for handset cable. You can check our brand new cable in this link.


This handset good package shipment box size is 30 x 10 x 10 cm and 0,5 kg.

Product HS Code is : 85299097.

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Our product has 3 months warranty under our company.


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The handset unit is supplied from the SPARC-bus interface with +12V-DC.
The +12V-DC supply is fused in the handset by a 630 mA fuse.

Remote control units can be connected in two ways:

1. Directly between the transceiver and the control unit hooks.
2. By means of a SPARC-bus connection box H4991 or WP SPARC-bus connection box.
Both control units with or without DSC can be connected.
Remote speaker may be connected to remote hooks, or to be connection box H4991or WP SPARC-bus connection box.
The max. number of handsets allowed to be connected simultaneously to the transceiver with DSC are 6 handsets.
Always connect local handset to the transceiver. DSC Class of intelligent handset is “D” even if the radio is Class A.