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Sailor Cu5000




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CU-5000 Remote Control Unit  for Sailor RT-5022 VHF DSC Radio. (Same product: Thrane & Thrane / Sperry Marine / Debeg ) Semi-intelligent Control Unit: SAILOR CU5000. The SAILOR CU5000 has been carefully designed for use on bridge wings or other secondary operating positions. All primary VHF functions and quick muting of incoming DSC alerts can be operated from this unit. It has been tested as exposed equipment and is water resistant to IP66.

Transceiver: SAILOR RT5022
The SAILOR RT5022 includes a very powerful transmitter, as well as a very sensitive, selective receiver, which reduces blocking and intermodulation from other VHF or AIS products installed. The integrated DSC functionality has been designed for ease of use. The built-in loudspeaker is both powerful and provides very clear sound quality. The SAILOR RT5022 can be fitted to any bridge, flush mounted or in a bracket. Installation is facilitated through a built-in switch mode power supply.

Handset: SAILOR HS5001
The SAILOR HS5001 Handset fits perfectly in your hand, has high sound quality and is water resistant to IP66. The design reduces wind noise in the microphone and the speaker unit covers the ear very well, making hearing easier in a noisy environment.

Technical Specifications
Conforms to all relevant international requirements and resolutions as agreed by ETSI, IEC, ITU and IMO as well as other national requirements. These specifications include i.e. ETSI EN 301 925, ETSI EN 300 698-1, ETSI EN 300 338, ITU-R M.493-11, ETU-R M.541-9, IEC 61162-1 and IEC/EN 60945 (CU5000)



Channels: All Int., US and BI channels. Up to 30 private channels in 3 separate banks designated F,P or L. Each bank contains 10 private channels.

Channel spacing: 25 KHz
Operation modes: Simplex /Semi-duplex
Modulation: G3EJN for Telephony, G2B for DSC.
Frequency stability: Better than ±3 ppm
Aerial connectors: Standard 50 ohm female SO239
Temperature range: -15°C to +55°C
Supply voltage: 12V to 24V DC nominal
Supply voltage range: (10,8V to 31,2V DC)

Frequency range: 149.30 – 163.75 MHz, Sensitivity for 20 dB Below -121 dBm or 0,20 µV p.d. SINAD CCITT weighted
AF rated Power Internal L.S.:  5W
Output for External L.S.:  5W (8 ohm)
Distortion:  Less than 5%
S/N ratio: Better than 43dB
Spurious emission: Less than 0,25 mw
Spurious response rejection: Better than 74 dB Intermodulation response Better than 73 dB Co- channel rejection Better than –10 dB
Adjacent channel selectivity: Better than 74 dB
Blocking level: Better than 99 dBµV

Frequency range: 149.30 – 163.75 MHz
RF output power: High: 25W +0 dB/ –0,5 dB Low: 0,85W +0,5 dB/ –1 dB
Adjacent channel power: Better than 75 dB
Conducted spurious emission: Better than 0,1 µW
Distortion: Better than 5%
S/N ratio: Better than 46 dB

DSC operation: According to Rec. ITU-R M.541-9 and Rec. ITU-R M.689-2
DSC protocol: According to Rec. ITU-R M.493-11 Class A
Navigator interface: According to IEC 61162-1 GLL, RMC, ZDA, GGA, VTG, GNS
Symbol error rate: Better than 1*10-2 @ -121 dBm or 0,20 µV p.d.
Modulation: 1700 Hz ±400 Hz 1200 baud
Frequency error: Better than ±1 Hz
Residual modulation: Better than –26 dB

Transceiver dimensions: Height: 100 mm (H and W same as RT4822 Width: 200 mm and SKANTI VHF 1000) Depth: 210 mm
Transceiver weight: 3.6 Kg

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