Sailor Navtex 6390

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This NAVTEX Receiver is SAILOR 6390 We can supply to world wide and we can give service in all Turkey Ports. Keep in touch with us.



The SAILOR 6390 Navtex Receiver receives Navtex messages on the international Navtex frequencies 490 kHz, 518 kHz and 4,209.5 kHz. It can hold 2000 messages per frequency. Messages are not affected by a power cycle. If not tagged to avoid deletion, messages are cleared from the message log after 661 hours. You can customise which stations to receive messages from and which message types you want to receive. The unit has an alarm relay which is only activated if a message of category D is received (i.e. SAR, Mayday relay, Pirate attack etc.). The SAILOR 6390 Navtex
Receiver is always on when powered. With its LAN interface the transponder and the display can be separated, giving access to the Navtex information available where it is needed. The SAILOR 6390 Navtex Receiver is delivered as a black box receiver which can either be connected to the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel, a 7″ touch screen, or used as a standalone unit for integration with an INS, supporting NMEA0183. A printer can be connected to the receiver. The SAILOR 6390 Navtex Receiver is approved according to GMDSS (EU Marine Equipment Directive).

SAILOR 6390 Navtex Receiver Features

2000 messages per frequency, giving a total of 6000 messages
Printing via SAILOR 6004 Control Panel and 3rd party line printer over LAN
Integrated Navtex app for SAILOR 6004 Control Panel
Low and high impedance antenna switch
Dual LAN connector
TMA (ThraneLINK Management Application) for software upgrade
Prepared for 500 kHz NAVDAT (Software updatable)