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Standard 22 Gyrocompass by Raytheon Anschutz Kiel

The Standard 22 Gyrocompass by Raytheon Anschutz Kiel provides all spare parts and necessary information for its operation. It includes the Std22 Gyrosphere, various PCBs, Service Pack, and optional parts.

For reliability in maritime navigation, the Std 22 Gyrocompass is a premier technology supporting seamless journeys. Opt for the Standard 22 for robust, accurate, and uninterrupted navigation.

Parts of the Standard 22 Gyrocompass


The following list details both basic and optional parts of the device. Refer to the part numbers provided for inquiries, as each product has a unique PN controlling its functions.


standard 22 gyrocompass


Gyro Compass Main Unit – Part Number: 110-233

The cornerstone of the Standard 22 Gyro Compass system, providing precise orientation and guidance. Integrates seamlessly to enhance overall performance.


  • Power Supply PCB – 110-233.X12
  • Outer Sphere PCB – 110-233.X10
  • Connection PCB – 110-233.X13
  • Sensor PCB – 110-233.X11
  • Encoder – 110-233.X01
  • Hinge Unit – 110-233.11
  • Cable Loom – 110-233.28
  • Terminal PCB with Temperature Sensor – 110-233.X09
  • Pump Unit – 110-231.40
  • Heater Unit – 110-231.X01
  • Outer Sphere Complete – 110-233.X04
  • Supporting Liquid – 148-162 E01
  • Distilled Water – 148- 398
  • Filler Pipe – 148-398.00-002
  • Set of Gaskets – 110-222.X01
  • Set of Small Parts – 110-233.X50
  • Fan – 110-233.00-002
  • Step Motor – 110-233.47


* Information regarding these sequential part numbers is listed title by title below.

Power Supply PCB – 110-233.X12

STANDARD 22 GYROCOMPASS POWER SUPPLY PCB ( 110-233.x12)Generates necessary voltages for proper functioning. Malfunctions identified through specific error codes displayed on the screen.

Error Codes:

  • EL 01: Serial connection of Sensor PCB to Power Supply PCB faulty
  • EL 02: Inductive transmission faulty
  • EL 03: System voltage on Power Supply PCB faulty
  • EL 04: Encoder voltage faulty
  • EL 05: System voltage on Power Supply PCB faulty

Outer Sphere PCB – 110-233.X10

STANDARD 22 GYROCOMPASS OUTER SPHERE PCB ( 110-233.101 E10 )Facilitates accurate voltage transmission to the Gyrosphere, ensuring precise heading data. Specific error codes help diagnose potential issues.

Error Codes:

EL 10 Supporting liquid error
EL 11 System voltage (B21.5 ⇒ B21.8) on sensor PCB faulty
EL 12 Operating voltage 24V faulty
EL 13 Operating voltage 15V faulty
EL 14 Heating operating voltage (B21.1 ⇒ B21.4) faulty
EL 15 Operating voltage 72V faulty
EL 16 Operating voltage 78V faulty for 400 Hz
EL 17 Gyro supply 55Veff faulty
EL 18 Gyro current faulty
EL 19 Pump voltage faulty
EL 20 Pump current faulty
EL 21 Temperature sensor faulty
EL 22 Serial interface MC1 to MC2 faulty
EL 23 CAN interface from outer sphere PCB to sensor PCB faulty
EL 24 Heating system faulty

Connection PCB – 110-233.X13

standard 22 Connection PCB NB05-356.E10

Distributes main supply voltage and communication cables within the device. Enables communication between various components.

Error Code:

EL 09 CAN1 and CAN2 operating voltage faulty.

Sensor PCB – 110-233.X11STANDARD 22 GYROCOMPASS SENSOR PCB ( 110-233.X08 )

Manages all device versions, software, and mathematical operations. Integrates essential components for observation and diagnostics.

Error Codes:

EL 06 Encoder faulty
EL 07 CAN dialogue from outer sphere PCB to sensor PCB faulty
EL 08 Follow-up system faulty

Encoder – 110-233.X01

standard 22 encoder unit

Processes Gyrosphere information for accurate ship heading. Monitors functionality through specific error codes.

Error Codes:

EL 04 Encoder voltage faulty
EL 06 Encoder faulty

Hinge Unit – 110-233.11

standard 22 hinge unit complete

Supports the Gyrocompass Container and Gyrosphere, ensuring stability despite ship movements

Cable Loom – 110-233.28

standard 22 cable loom – 110-233.28

Connects the Outer Sphere PCB to the Terminal PCB, facilitating communication between these components.

Terminal PCB with Temperature Sensor – 110-233.X09

standard 22 terminal pcb , temperature pcb

Linked to the Outer Sphere PCB via the Cable Loom, regulating operational temperatures for the Gyrosphere.

Pump Unit – 110-231.40

standard 22 pump

Facilitates fluid circulation within the Gyrosphere. Monitors voltage and current; regular replacement is advised for optimal performance.

Error Codes:

EL 19 Pump voltage faulty
EL 20 Pump current faulty